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The gold sovereigns


Beautiful example of sovereign at the effigy of George V


There are four sizes of gold English coins : sovereign is the most commonly used (around 8 g., diameter 22 mm), half-sovereign (around 4 g., diameter 19 mm), two sovereigns (around 16 g.) and five sovereigns (around 40 g.). There are sovereigns in the effigy of George III, George IV, William IV, Victoria, George V and Elizabeth II. The reverse is a coat of arms or St George slaying the dragon.

You were a lot to ask me the value of a sovereign. These coins are to be sure quoted on the Stock Exchange, you can easily find their current value by clicking in the following links :

Current price of the sovereign (sovereign = around 8 g., diameter 22mm)

Current price of the half-sovereign (half-sovereign = around 4 g., diameter 19 mm)

The price of the sovereign does not stop varying according to the course of the Stock Exchange ; for example, the value of a sovereign was around 140 euros in 2008, whereas the value of a sovereign was lower than 99 euros in 2004.



For information :

I do not collect golden coins, therefore it is useless to propose yours. Thank you.



The gold sovereign was created during George III's reign, in 1817. It replaced the former gold English coin called "guinea". A "guinea" was worth 21 shillings whereas a sovereign was worth 20. The guinea remained for a long time a counting currency, that is to say that despite its disappearing as a concrete currency, the English kept on counting in guineas rather than in pounds.

Here is below a copy enlarged by an English golden guinea :


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