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Hervé Sors


Who is the author of Mad about coins' website ?

The author and webmaster of this website is a French man called Hervé Sors.

From his childhood, he was attracted by old coins lying about in drawers at his grand-mother's. Old French coins but also coins from Denmark and some other places brought here by a traveller uncle ! It is from that little treasure he made his own on the sly he started his collection. Later, other world coins will be added thanks to his mother, who worked in Paris as a barmaid. She helped him extend his collection. In the middle school, he will exchange and buy some other coins, spending all his pocket money. Already, our collector dreamt about collecting old world coins some day... but through lack of money, he postpones that plan, when he is older. Meanwhile he is a teenager and he is completely freed of that childish craze. Collect coins ? No, that is not for him any longer ! That is so common place ! Even so, from time to time, he saves a commemorative coin...and he is never too far from his collection so that he can contemplate it in the rainy days or when he feels nostalgia for school time. Secondary school years go by, Studies are about to begin. He takes with him in his student room just a silver Hercule as a talisman and recollection of the past.

Time passes and coins lose their importance... but that was before the seism that occurred in 2002 : the entry of the euro in the economic European scene. The general public did not pay attention but what a symbol : a common currency to several European countries ! A common reverse and a different obverse for each European country. In 2002, as a matter of fact, Hervé Sors is once again addicted : he collects again coins, in this case, Finnish, Irish, Portuguese ... euros. A question comes to his mind : what about the English ? When will they adopt the Euro ? Are those traditionalist islanders going to give up the pound sterling ? Hervé Sors, coin collector again, wonders and gathers information. One day, he finds three ancient British coins in the flea market - he lives in Montpellier at that moment - and he's captivated ! He buys a Word coins catalogue to know more about international coins. He then begins his British Empire coins' collection !

From 2003 to 2004, he purchases ancient English coins on eBay but also on Aucland and Delcampe. He will find on these websites most of his collection.

In 2005, Hervé Sors leaves to Canada, with his girlfriend. Across the Atlantic, settled in Montreal, he will visit all English and French numismatists in town looking for new coins for his collection : coins from Canada or NewFoundland bearing the effigy of Victoria, Edward VII, George V, George VI, Elizabeth II.

In Canada, he thought about creating a numismatic website showing his collection. Isn't it a shame to have such beautiful coins and not to virtually share them with other people ? Derisively, his website will be called "Mad about coins", not to take himself seriously. Besides, let's tell it frankly, all collectors are a bit mad, obsessional, maniac, fetichist, consumerist, etc. He's going to elaborate and put on line this website at the end of 2005. That's why the contact for the website ( was in .ca in the past, in remembrance of the website starting in Canadian territory. Since then, the website has been enriched in information, it has been visited by one hundred thousand Internet users. Among them, some send an e-mail to have a coin identified, to know its value, to propose a transaction. The webmaster of "Mad about coins" is always glad to answer them.The creation of the website was the opportunity for its author to learn how to use Dreamweaver. It made him discover other numismatic websites on Internet. His discoveries gave him the chance to exchange links and to establish interesting contacts.

At the beginning of 2006, disappointed by his experience as an expatriate in Quebec - Quebecers are French speakers Americans and not forgotten French people like Charles de Gaulle seemed to say. Hervé Sors comes back to France, a bag full of all these new coins. That year, his website will begin to offer its readers pages in English, he wants his website to become completely bilingual.But it takes time... If you're reading these lines, you've already visited "Mad about coins", the English version of Fou de monnaies.

Because of a few pecuniary problems, his collection is to be slowed down. Yet, he finds good reasons to continue with it more modestly, tirelessly, making his collection bigger, often through websites of purchase and sale in the years following his return from Canada.

Recently, he's proud to have bought a beautiful silver crown from Cyprus bearing the effigy of George V, a 45 piastre of 1928.

Today, Hervé Sors is forty years old, and if he likes being surrounded by coins as if they were talismans, he has other occupations and activities. Don't we forget, coins collection is only a passtime, like collecting stamps or assembling models. And we know how old-fashioned and useless these activities may be judged by those who won't ever practice them.

Below the banners of his websites. You already know the first since you're visiting it. If you want to practice French, go to the original version : Fou de monnaies. A Spanish version of the website is also in work since 2009 summer. See Loco de monedas. The website is to be trilingual at the end.

Noelia Fernandez

Come and discover the English coins at Mad about coins

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The article below is an extract from the French mensual magazine Numismatique & Change from April 2007


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