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Statistics of my website Mad about coins

Since its creation, end of 2005, this numismatics website, dedicated for the most to British coins and to former British colonies, has been visited until today by more than 350 000 Internet users !

For 2007 | For 2006 | For december 2006 | January 2007 records | For February 2007

This page will be updated in the next few weeks, graphs of the attendance of the site during the last years (on 2007 in 2011) will be added.


Statistics of Mad about coins for 2007

Total of visits in 2007 : 37120 visits !

This website is now visited by 100 Internet users on average. Record visits in 2007, september with 5360 visitors.

Mad about coins' total pages seen in 2007 : 97534 pages !


Statistics of Mad about coins for 2006

Total of visits for 2006 : 5548 visits !

July was the worst month, with only 222 visitors. Record of visitors in December, with 1154 visitors. Hurrah for the cold !


Statistics of Mad about coins for December 2006

The 50 daily visitors mark was reached on December, 5th, 2006. A total of 1067 daily visitors was reached on December 2006.


Statistics of Mad about coins for January 2007

Absolute record of daily visitors reached on January, 23rd, 2007, with 158 visitors just for that day. A total of 2695 visitors for January 2007, another record explained by the fact that Mad about coins' Website was Website of the month on Delcampe.


Statistics of Mad about coins for February 2007

Above, curve of the evolution in the number of visits within 10 days. You can visualize the January boom caused by Delcampe, followed by a moderated but stable visit  on February, a satisfactory average of 50 visitors a day.

To finish, here's the number of daily visitors for February : it confirms a stabilization of the visits on the Website with more or less 50 daily visitors.


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