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The nations of the United Kingdom

England | Wales | Scotland | Northern Ireland


It is still the custom to name the whole  British Isles after the country that gathered them together for its own benefit. Thus England is synonym of United Kingdom of Great Britain.

England was also nicknamed Albion, from the latin Alba because of its white  cliffs looking onto the English Channel, and which are the first view one has from the British Isles, when one comes from the continent. Another name to be heard is Britannia, name Romans gave to the British Isles.



Drapeau de l'Angleterre ou croix de Saint George



Wales was annexed by England under the reign of Edward I, but it was only in 1536, under Henry VIII Tudor, that it became fully part of the English kingdom. From that period, or to be precise from February, 7th, 1301, giving the title of Prince of Wales to the heir of the throne of England was the custom. This custom is still in use nowadays, that is why Charles of Windsor is Prince of Wales.

See also the page about Heirs of the British crown.




Scotland has always been through its History a territory the English strongly wanted to take from the highlanders. Well, we can see today the historical result of such a want...


Northern Ireland

Ireland is now divided into two different political entities. One, Northern Ireland, is still part of the United Kingdom. The other conquered its independence in 1921 and named itself in gaelic Saor Stat Eireann, which means Free Irish State. It became Republic of Ireland in 1948 and it's now called Éire in Irish. Is it to be mentionned that coins from Free Ireland are very nice coins for a collection, in particular the series between 1928 and 1943, made of bronze and silver.

See also the pages dedicated to Republic of Ireland and its beautiful coins.





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