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Collection of coins from South Africa at the effigy of George VI

South Africa's coins from 1936 to 1952

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Coins from South Africa*

In the time of George VI

Coins' name

5 shillings

(it equals one crown)

2 1/2 shillings


1 Penny

2 shillings


1/2 penny
1 Shilling

1/4 penny


6 pence
3 pence

* South Africa's coins had on their obverse the effigy of British sovereigns from 1923 to 1960. The legend on the obverse of South Africa's coins for George VI is either GEORGIUS SEXTUS REX (George the sixth, king) or GEORGIUS VI REX IMPERATOR (George VI king and emperor). As for the legend on the reverse of British South Africa's coins, it is written SUID AFRIKA - SOUTH AFRICA, that is to say South Africa in Africaners and in English.

It is difficult to say if the policy of segregation was the fact of the British or of the whole colonists because English were the first to fight the slave system. Anyway, Apartheid (systematic mode of segregation of the coloured persons applied in South Africa until 1994, indicates the Larousse) belongs to the past and the coins of South Africa presented here are simply shown as old by way of British coins and do not demonstrate any sympathy to the doubtful political past of this country, quite to the contrary.

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