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Collection of former Irish coins

Ireland's coins from 1928 to 1943

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First coins from Free Ireland

Obverse first type from 1928 to 1937

Common reverse
Obverse second type from 1939 to 1943
Coins' name
Six pence
Three pence
Remark : the Irish crown doesn't exist. Six pence and three pence coins are made of nickel or cupro-nickel depending on the period. The legends on each Irish coin are written in Gaelic. From 1928 to 1937 one can read on the obverse of Irish coins SAORSTAT EIREANN, that is to say Free Irish State. From 1939 we can read on the coins the word EIRE, Ireland in Gaelic. The Irish pound turned into euro in 2002. Until now, Ireland is the only country from the British Isles which adopted the euro.

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