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Site américain Silver coins

Site anglais Pre-decimal coins

Complétez votre collection, achetez et vendez sur eBay

Site numismatique à découvrir

Annuaire Numismatique Campi

Numista, votre collection de pièces en ligne


Le Franc Français -

Le Site de Jean consacré à la gestion informatique de la numismatique

Un vrai forum pour les numismates !

euros2003 le site : numismatique, monnaie, forum, échanges...

Collection du Monde, site pour les collectionneurs du monde entier

L'arche aux collections

boutique numismatique

Le rendez-vous des passionnés de collection

Héraldique européenne, le site de Arnaud Bunel




International purchasing and selling website you cannot ignore, see Coins' rubric. If you're patient, you can entirely complete your collection. However, sellers are only selling to make as much money as possible.

Great website of numismatology, Compagnie Générale de Bourse is fortunately more than a huge catalogue of coins out of reach, it is also a website giving a long list of interesting links. You will see the French ideal collection.

William Pujol's collection

A personal Website of a nice world coins' collector (coins and banknotes), see the list of the missing coins and the doubles.

Guillaume Brisse's collection

A personal Website of an other nice french world coin's collector, Guillaume Brisse, who live in the Pacific.

Tony Clayton website

An excellent personal website about British coins. If you master English well, you will learn a lot on webpages by Tony Clayton, I invite you to visit them while clicking link former.

Olivier Robin's collection

Olivier Robin shows on Internet, since 1999, a very interesting world coins collection. He owns British coins I really wanted to have before I myself found and purchased them. He also writes and you can read most of his texts freely. So for those who enjoy reading and learning, go and visit his website ! was the Web space dedicated to the french review about numismatics Numismatique et Change. Unfortunately, this magazine published its last number during the summer 2016. is an interesting English numismatical website dedicated to giving information about British coins and relevant history from 1816 to present day.

A website where you can see great ( English, mainly ) coins of all times. If you want to see an ancient coin in its original state or amazingly preserved, that's where you must go.



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Découvrez les anciennes monnaies anglaises chez Fou de monnaies

Come and discover the English coins at Mad about coins

Venga y descubra las monedas inglesas en Loco de monedas

Découvrez les anciennes monnaies anglaises chez Fou de monnaies

Come and discover the English coins at Mad about coins





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