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Australia | Fiji | New Zealand | Papoua New Guinea



Coins from Australia

It was in 1935 that the actual flag of Australia was created. Along with the Union Jack, proving the importance of the British in the colonisation of the austral zones are the star of the Commonwealth and the constellation of the South cross. This flag was officially adopted in 1954.


Australian coat of arms

The Western Australia crest


The Western Australia crest


Coins from Fiji


À l'Union Jack est adjoint un blason créé en 1908, meublé de la croix de Saint-Georges, du lion passant britannique, d'une colombe de la paix et des richesses agricoles du pays : canne à sucre, cocotier et bananier.



Coins from New-Zealand


The actual flag of New-Zealand was created in 1926. Always with the Blue Ensign (Union Jack in corner of blue backround) but with the south cross, we can to constellation we can to see in the austral night sky.



Coins from Papua New Guinea


Le drapeau de la Papouasie Nouvelle Guinée comporte les étoiles de la constellation de la croix du sud en blanc sur fond noir et un paradisier jaune sur fond rouge.


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