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Coins from British India

On the reverse of the rupee of the British Indies (see above) one finds the floral emblems of Great Britain, the English rose, Irish clover and Scottish thistle, is added to it the flower of lotus associated with India.

From 1599 was formed in London the Company of the Indies, named East India Company, since its counters were held in the east, in the area of Bengal. The competition of colonials made follow, one after the other, the Portuguese, Dutch, and French influences, but it is the English influence which ends up carrying it, by the force of the weapons. In 1858, the company passes under the authority of the English crown. In 1877, Victoria Queen is proclaimed empress of the Indies. Thus old East India Company was promoted Empire of the British Indies*. One can thus find quantities of Indian currencies struck of the profile of the English sovereigns, of Guillaume IV, predecessor of Victoria, with George VI, father of Elizabeth II. The denominations and the metals used as well as the weight and the form of these currencies greatly varied in the course of time. Here are some, among so much of others: there were currencies of bronze of the British Indies of 1/12 anna, 1/2 pice, 1 quarter anna, 1 pice, and silver moneys of 2 annas, 1/4 of rupee, 1/2 rupee and a rupee.

*It is in 1947, August, after many years of passive resistance (led by Gandhi) but as well of active resistance, that India acquires autonomy.


British coins from Ceylon



Coins from Hong Kong


The British trade dollar


Coins from China with legend in english


British coins from Burma


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